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NY Woman. A Witch with a bit of a twisted side.  Freelance photographer, writer. An obsession with the Paranormal & Hauntings of the world

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    The Story of Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

    4 years ago

    The trans-allegheny lunatic aslum Deemed as one of the most haunted hospitals in America, this hospital has been referred to as "Weston State Hospital" in the past. Located in the vast country of Weston,...

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    The Legend of Rolling Hills Asylum Bethany NY

    4 years ago

    Rolling Hills Asylum has quite a bizarre history, if I don't say so myself.  In it's lifespan, the building has been an insane asylum, poor house, poor farm, nursing home, tuberculosis ward, orphanage, school ,...

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    The Legend History Of Chillingham Castle

    4 years ago

    chillingham castle Chillingham Castle, a medieval Castle in the village of Chillingham, is in the Northern part of Northumberland, England. It was the seat of the Grey Family and their descendants the Earls of...

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    The Legend of Saratoga Homestead NY

    4 years ago

    saratoga homestead,NY On a small road, overlooking a little town called Barkersville, New York, is an abandoned building that has a very rich history and legend. Many settlers came to New York to purchase ...

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    The Haunting of Magnolia Plantation Louisiana

    4 years ago

    In Natchitoches, Louisiana, Magnolia Plantation stands as a reminder today of the prosperity of the cotton and tobacco afforded the Pre-Civil War American South.  The grounds main house of the plantation, the...

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    The Life of Soraya M

    4 years ago

    I had sat to get comfortable to watch what I would expect to be another boring dramatized movie. A long, slow dragged out performance. Instead what I got was something horrific, haunting, and that will never leave...

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